Between July 4 and August 22 inclueded, arrivals and departures possible Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 7 nights. Before July 4 and after August 22, arrivals and departures every day from 2 nights.

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The "Trianon" chalet provides great comfort for 2 to 4 persons, with its double bedded bedroom, completed by its double sofabed, its shower room and toilets, and its integrated terrace equipped with garden furniture.

It is also a "twin" chalet, which means its exact double is sitting by its side, on the same large pitch. It is ideal for 2 families, or 2 friendly parties who still wish to remain free.

Le chalet Trianon
le Trianon est aussi un chalet "jumeau" pour plusieurs familles ou groupes
un intérieur confortable
le plan du Trianon

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