QRCode hotspot WIFI LeBothdOrouet trespetit.1You will connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop,thanks to an easily identifiable hotspot on the campsite, by means of the opposite  QR codes .

We have an "ORANGE" ADSL line at our disposal in a zone where the high speed will be accelerated by 6 to 20 times minimum as soon as in mid-June 2015.This increase in the speed will result from major works consisting in the replacement of copper by optical fiber, from the main exchange to the subsidiary distribution boxes.

To learn more about the development of the very high speed Internet access via optical fiber, you may visit the web page of the "Communauté de Communes Océan-Marais de Monts" (Administrative Amalgamation of towns).

 Our hotspots are managed by "infobarquee", a certified wifi provider with ARCEP (Electronical calls and posts regulation authority): after you make a successful connection via the wifi hotspot, you will enter the code you received when buying your ticket, either at the reception desk, or directly on line, via PayPal or your credit card, the charges varying according to the chosen package (€ 2/an hour, € 4/a day, € 10/a week, €20/a month).



You will check the telephone coverage quality of the four French mobile telephone net providers  on the ARCEP website, or "que choisir ?"website, which ranges from "Good" (Orange) to "Fair" (Free, SFR, Bouygues Telecom)  in 3G on postal codes 85160 (Saint-Jean-de-Monts) or 85270 (Saint-Hilaitre-de Riez).

But you may also get a much more precise information on several websites and become part of community data gathering , by installing apps on your smartphone (with Que Choisir, or sensorly) to check your provider's quality on ypur precise spot.

According to checking in the middle of April 2015, at the mail address of "Le Both d'Orouët" camping site (77 avenue d'Orouët, 85160 Saint-Jean-de-Monts) the 4G coverage changes from "nonexistent" (Orange, SFR, Free) to "weak" (Bouygues Telecom).